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Etiquette should uplift everyone.


By teaching social skills grounded in honor and inclusiveness, best-in-class manners mentor Sarah Aynesworth empowers her students to navigate life with consideration and conviction.



Not a rigid set of black-and-white rules worn as armor to make one feel superior or untouchable, but rather the foundational framework of behavior that fosters equality and respect in all interactions.

Our Approach


No two learners are alike. Polish up on the basics or build on your growing repertoire with etiquette training experiences tailored to your learning style and your goals.


Release those pesky self-doubt butterflies and confidently navigate all manner of social situations – handshaking, conversing, hosting, presenting, corresponding, dining, you name it!


Making a sincere effort to “speak someone else’s language” is the cornerstone of good manners. Customs change from person to person, from community to community and from culture to culture, but the reciprocity of respect and honor should never alter.

Sarah has a genuine passion for teaching students how to be
their “best self” and provides practical insight that’s essential for their success. She knows how to personally connect with students and provides engaging instruction they can all relate to.

Our students always leave her workshops empowered, with the confidence to navigate different social/business situations, a job interview, or dining out with a date.

- nicole miles,
college & career advisor – midway high school
About Sarah

introductions are always in order!

Sarah Aynesworth has more than 25 years of experience instructing others on the ins, outs and in betweens of etiquette. From the first deportment class she attended at the age of 14 to today, she has always believed in the big impact of small gestures.

A graduate of Baylor’s School of Education, Sarah teaches manners with a student-first mentality, adapting her style to best fit the needs of her audience. With her extensive understanding of cultural customs and courtesies, her trove of real-world tools and lessons and her heartfelt philosophy, Sarah has become one of the country’s foremost forward-thinking etiquette educators.

When Sarah’s not in classrooms or boardrooms sharing the art and heart of social skills, she’s most likely at home in Texas spending as much quality time as possible with her husband, four children and her golden retriever Millie – the most well-mannered dog you’ll ever meet!


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