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For ages 23+

find your etiquette edge

Research conducted by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and The Stanford Research Institute found 85% of your job success is directly connected to your people skills. Hone your skills and get on top with this program.


Class curriculum includes:

  • How to build successful relationships

  • Business communications:
    using technology to build relationships
    (email, voicemail and smart phone use)

  • Relationship management

  • Workplace etiquette

  • Business social functions (aka "working the room")

  • Enhancing your image with professional attire: business dress for success

  • The 24/7 professional

  • How to conduct and take part in the MOST effective business meetings

Class Details

for current offerings, please contact sarah.
all private classes include a take-home workbook to reinforce learning and a three-course meal.
classes are structured as a one-on-one consultation


For group pricing or one day workshops, or to register, please contact Sarah.

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