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children’s etiquette:

For ages 7-12


Class curriculum includes:

  • How to introduce him/herself with confidence

  • The importance of standing for all introductions

  • The value of a smile and eye contact

  • How to shake hands with ease

  • How to introduce others

  • How to respond when introduced to an adult or peer

  • How to remember names

  • How to address grown-ups

  • The importance of kindness

  • How to write a thank-you note

  • How to use good telephone etiquette

  • How to use good table manners and use a napkin correctly

  • How to eat soup correctly

  • How to hold a knife and fork and cut correctly

  • How to eat in the American Style

  • How to eat in the Continental Style

  • Toasting

  • Where to place silverware when resting and finished

  • The etiquette of public places

  • How to handle technology 

Class Offerings

for current offerings, please contact sarah.
all private classes include a take-home workbook to reinforce learning and a three-course meal.
classes are divided into three groups:

Select as a full group or à la carte


Everyday Etiquette for Children 

  • Duration: 4 45-minute classes

  • Covers both dining and basic social skills

  • This class is for younger children, ages 5-7

  • Includes workbook and a meal


Children’s Etiquette for Today

  • Duration: 4 1-hour classes

  • Covers in-depth all social skills

  • Touching upon all subjects listed with the last class being a 3-course meal and dining tutorial at Ridgewood Country Club

  • Includes workbook


Dining Skills for Children

  • Duration: a 3-hour program

  • Includes basic social skills and a 3-course meal


For group pricing or one day workshops, or to register, please contact Sarah.

Current Classes

Friday, July 14, 2023
Class Name: Manners Matter
Description: Social skills and three-course dining tutorial

Location: Central Market, Forth Worth, TX
Register at this link

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