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outclass the competition

collegiate level:

For ages 18-22

employment and you – preparing for a job search

While interviewing for an internship, scholarship, or new job out of college let Sarah help you refine your interview skills, giving you more confidence during the process.


Class curriculum includes:

job search skills:
  • How to prepare for a job search

  • Job search steps

  • Resume writing

  • Application process 

  • Interview skills

  • Dress and presentation tips

  • On the job success tips

professional dining savvy:
  • Invitations

  • Host and guest duties

  • Taking your seat

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Toasting savvy

  • When to start eating

  • Silverware savvy

  • Posture at the table

  • Excusing yourself

  • Place settings

  • Styles of eating

  • Tipping

  • Dining dos and don'ts

  • Eating various foods

Class Details

for current offerings, please contact sarah.
all private classes include a take-home workbook to reinforce learning and a three-course meal.
private or group classes available


For group pricing or one day workshops, or to register, please contact Sarah.

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