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corporate communications

For any new working professionals!

be proactive rather than reactive with expectations of interns or new hires. 

Class curriculum includes:

  • Professional communication

  • Proactive professionalism

  • Business dining

  • Professional dress

Class Offerings

for current offerings, please contact sarah.
classes are structured as one-on-one or in a group

Available in-person, virtual, as a Lunch and Learn or full-day event

Class Outline

be your best self:
confidence and competence go hand in hand


Professional Business Communication

Learn best practices for communication while using email, telephone, text and face-to-face conversations.


Body Language

Only 7% of your communication is actually words. The rest is your tone, inflection and body language. 


Be Your Best Self

Feeling at ease and confident makes others feel the same way. Learn to introduce yourself and others with confidence and grace. 


Effective Business Meetings

Make the most efficient use of time in a business meeting both virtually and in-person.


Business Social and Dining Refresher

Navigate with ease business or personal social functions including a dining A-Z and reception skills refresher. 


For group pricing or one day workshops, or to register, please contact Sarah.

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