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business savvy


For ages 23+

make a great first impression & work the room

This program helps young professionals use business etiquette as a powerful tool that gives one cutting edge in the business arena. The class will teach you skills you can use immediately.


Class curriculum includes:

  • The 3 New R’s

  • Eye contact

  • Savvy introductions

  • Etiquette savvy

  • Soft skills

  • Introducing others

  • Forms of address

  • Remembering names

  • Business card savvy

  • Handshaking

  • How to make an entrance and work the room

Class Details

for current offerings, please contact sarah.
all private classes include a take-home workbook to reinforce learning and a three-course meal.
classes are structured as a one-on-one consultation


For group pricing or one day workshops, or to register, please contact Sarah.

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